It's a Boy!

It's a Boy!

     When I was pregnant with our little boy, my husband and I cheated and paid for a 3-D ultrasound so we could find out early if we were having a girl or boy. My husband had decided before we went in that we were definitely having a girl. It only took a few seconds before the ultrasound tech told us and showed us we were having a BOY! We were both so excited!

     To be perfectly honest, I was so excited to be having a boy, but for a brief moment I was a little panicked about having a boy. If you know me, you know I am about as “girly” as a girl can be. I know not all girls are which is great, but I am well aware of my “girly-girlness”. I love the color pink, glitter, and dressing up. My second home growing up was a ballet studio. I even had the joy of teaching little girls how to dance for a few years before getting married. So, I’ll admit I was nervous that I wouldn’t know what to do with a little boy. The moment was very brief, and I quickly began dreaming of playing with my boy.

       Looking back, God definitely made preparations for me to be my boy’s Mama. I grew up with my cousin, more like a brother, who made it his mission to make sure that I was well rounded. Some of you know my cousin and know he is a hunter, fisherman, baseball player, and lover of anything outdoors. He made sure that I learned how to climb trees, build a tree house, fish, swim in a pond (I still can’t believe I did that), did his best to teach me to play baseball (he failed), and play in the mud. I did my best to also make sure that he had a good appreciation of things I enjoyed. I mixed in my Barbies with his GI-Joes, made him play “house”, and he had to endure years of dance recitals. I’m pretty sure I was helping to prepare him to be the Daddy to his two little girls. One of which who has a strong love for princesses and dress-up, but, yes, is also a lover of the outdoors.

            When I was almost 9 years old, God gave me a brother. I had prayed for years for a brother or sister. My brother was the biggest, toughest, “non-stop” little boy that ever did exist, at least to me. I was so much older than him that I felt like and still do feel like he is “mine”. We fought like normal siblings do and, of course, I was annoyed on more than one occasion with him, but he taught me so much that would prepare me to be Mama to my “non-stop” little boy. He taught me that although he was as tough as nails he also had a sensitive side that I needed to be aware of just as my little boy has. I have joked many times that my little boy is just a remake of my brother in some ways. He also looks a lot like my brother, but I’m certainly not complaining about that. :-)

            Then along came my husband. The ultimate handy-man, outdoors man, Jeep loving guy who has taught me words like caliper, the difference between a table saw and a miter saw, and has given me a love for home improvement projects. Where my cousin left off, my husband has taken over in keeping my girly-girlness in balance. He also makes sure that when I am naturally over protective that I step back when our little boy needs some independence. When our little boy needs help putting together a Lego set with way too many pieces or figuring out how to build an elaborate train set, his Daddy is just the right guy. God gave me the perfect partner to raise our kiddo.

            I can see now that God made preparations for me to be Mama to our little boy. And if he ever decides he wants to try Ballet, I’ve got that covered. You might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned my own Daddy. Well, that’s because my Daddy was a-ok with my girlyness. He let me teach him my latest ballet step and on rare occasions even let me give him “hair-dos”. Maybe you can relate to my moment of nervousness when you found out you were having a boy or girl or maybe just the fact you were having a baby was enough. The funny thing now is I think I may be a little nervous for another brief moment if we ever have a little girl, but until then I get to practice a little “dress-up” by making sure my little boy is a sharp dressed little guy.

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