Dressing a toddler for school.

Preschool Morning Confessions

            My little boy started preschool this past fall after MANY pep talks from my closest friends, who happen to also be teachers, and many, many days of ME crying because how was my baby old enough to go to school?!? Thankfully, he LOVES school and even asks to go on his days off. I admit I had visions of perfect mornings before dropping him off to school, but let me just give you a glimpse of our mornings before preschool and any other event that requires we be there at a certain time. Here are just a few things that have come out of my mouth. :-)


  1. You have to get up now. We’re going to be late. (An hour after he actually woke up.)
  2. Eat your breakfast, please. 99X (I’ve heard of those kids who really like to eat…)
  3. You have to wear clothes to preschool.
  4. Why are your socks wet? I just put those on you.
  5. Oh wow, these jeans fit yesterday.
  6. Please, get out of the dog bed. You’re going to be covered in dog hair.
  7. Do you have any boogers in your nose?
  8. Where are you? (Find him hiding behind the curtains.)
  9. Why is your shirt wet? (The one I just put on him. Any other parents out there with a kiddo with a love of water?)
  10. You’ll have to watch Paw Patrol when you get back home. He then asks me to pause it the whole time he's at school. :-)
  11. Where are your shoes?
  12. Halfway to school…Where are your shoes? (Don’t worry; this only happened that one time the day we were on the way to MEET his teacher.)
  13. The most important- I love you! You make me so happy!


     I’ve decided getting a toddler dressed is like dressing an alligator! I love my boy, and wouldn’t want it any other way! Amazingly, when I peek in his classroom before the teacher lets the class out, he is seated perfectly at the table right on task. Boys Tree House has all you need to keep your little guy looking good, but you’re on your own in the mornings!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                 May your mornings be great,




Amanda Elliott

love this I have two Gators to Dress !I

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